CARCHARIAS (TM) carbide band sawblade

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From ERGALIOKOPTIKI for maximum cutting efficiency compared to bimetals. Suitable for cutting materials such as: Hardwood/softwood Lined materials (MDF, melamine, HDF) Plastic Non-ferrous materials Advantages over conventional ones (bimetal, M32) Greater cutting accuracy Tooth thickness 1.4 mm, greater savings in the material Faster feedrates up to 2 times over

Carbide endmills for plexiglass and Utype type plastics

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They are manufactured by Ergaliokoptiki, from carbide ultra fine micrograin. It is single-fluted type of UTYPE geometry for easier extraction of chip from the cutting zone. The inner surface of the flute is polished (mirroring) for better cutting edge and direct extraction of chip Suitable for use in automatic pantographs (cnc routers) with or

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